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You don't have to book straight away. You can have a chat with me via Facetime or phone or I can visit you to sign paperwork and get to know me then! If you don't feel like you can trust me, no worries, you don't have to go ahead with the booking.  If you want me to visit your flat and look after your cat, it is preferable for me to come and meet you first, so I can note down everything the cat needs and likes. You can hand me the extra keys and let me know any house rules. 


I live in Wandsworth and I cover nearby areas. I can come to your house everyday and take care of your furry baby when you're on holiday. My services include feeding, playtime, cuddles and litter tray cleaning. If needed I can also water your plants. I’m really good at understanding a cat’s body language. I have looked after a cat for many years who had severe anxiety, so I’m really good with those kitties who might be fearful of new humans. I have a selection of the best toys and games to play with. And most importantly - I love taking cat pictures! And I can do a full-blown photoshoot with your kitty if you want! :)


Your kitty can stay at mine overnight for as long as you need, dependant on my availability of course. The earlier you book the better! I have a litter tray, beds and toys, pretty much everything a cat needs over at mine. I don't own a cat so there won't be any competition for my love either. No room is forbidden for the cat, they can wander around freely in my 2 bedroom flat which I own. I often work from home so the cat will not miss you too much when you go away and have anxiety or loneliness.

Hello! I’m a Proud Cat Lady. I have years of experience with cats. I’m a registered cat fosterer with Rspca. I’m a professional animal handler working with cats in movies and commercials. And most importantly, I love all cats! I have taken care of many beautiful cats, including those who need some extra love and care. I have an Enhanced Dbs check and a law degree! I speak English, French, German and Turkish if you need. 


My peasant and her octopus arms all over


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